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It was the sixties. There I was, eight years old, sitting in the back seat of my parents' friends’ brand new
Cadillac DeVille Convertible. I opened this little door on the armrest and there was my very own lighter, ashtray and power window button. I was so impressed that I decided right then and there that I wanted to be a rich and successful businessman and this was the life for me!

But life has a way of kicking you in the teeth. When I was only ten years old my father passed away.

My normal childhood was over and I was crushed with grief.

Life had become financially challenging for my mom and I, so when I was 13 years old I decided to go to work.

That was when I started my first business.

I rented space from a local barber shop and set up a shoe shine stand. Kids at school would sometimes make fun of me for shining shoes. That was until I would pull out a wad of cash . . . that shut them up pretty quick. That experience gave me my first taste of being an entrepreneur.

Success did not come easy. Little did I know that my journey was going to take years. It would be paved with success at some points, but it also went along with a lot of soul-crushing defeat and agony.

Through my teens and into my early twenties there were a few dozen businesses I had been a part of, or started. Many of them didn’t work out no matter what I did.

Still, I never quit. Because of that mindset (18 years after sitting in that Cadillac) I actually bought my very own Cadillac Coupe Deville, plus a new house that included a swimming pool in the backyard!

Fast forward 14 more years and now I have over 70 businesses under my belt. Some were great successes while others were huge losses.

But here’s what I did: I took all those lessons of 25 years, 70 businesses and endeavors and created my own playbook for success.

I then started another new business and it was hugely successful from day one!

But this was the key:

I was only doing what I knew worked and avoiding everything that didn’t.

By following my own rules from hard lessons learned my success exploded!

My life changed with an explosion of money & satisfaction. I felt like I had become who I was meant to be.

I even found the love of my life and married her. I was finally super happy and fulfilled. Yes! I was having the time of my life!

From that point, only a few years later by using everything in my playbook, I helped my clients generate over $100 Million Dollars.

Very soon after that I was sitting across the desk from my good friend and best-selling author Hal Becker. Hal had just released his 2nd book. I said, “For the last 20 years I’ve wanted to write a book.”

Hal leaned forward in his chair, looked me square in the eye and said,

“So what the F&*K are you waiting for?” Wow, that was a wake-up call! Thanks Hal!

(No matter how or where you are in life sometimes you need a good wake-up call!

Maybe this is yours. Now back to my story)

That afternoon I went home and immediately started on

The $100 Million Dollar Playbook.

27 months later it was finished and an instant best seller.

Fast-forward to the present day and

I’ve helped my clients generate Billions by following my Playbook.

Now it’s Your Turn to Invest Your Future in this Playbook
and Write the Success Story of Your Dreams.


To grow & prosper from my mistakes . . . not yours

How to use your unique experiences for motivation & prosperity

How you can triumph over adversity, setbacks & roadblocks to your goals


Success beyond your wildest dreams (On Purpose)

A new found confidence in yourself and your abilities

Whatever you put your mind to


The person you've been wishing you could be

A confident, self motivated powerhouse who is unstoppable

Someone who people admire and look up to


Now is The Time to Create Your Own Success Story

Using The $100 Million Dollar Playbook

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